Longevity Special

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Longevity Special

Longevity Special

€169,00 Rabatt Sparen

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Unlock your peak health with the Longevity Special Ticket. Elevate yourself and your body for enhanced performance and a better life.
This ticket includes:

  • 1x Cryo Session
  • 1x Multi-CryoHacking-System Session
  • 1x 4D Bodyscan
  • 1x HBO

Experience an indescribable sense of euphoria at Coolzoone Cologne. Unlock the secrets to longevity with our cutting-edge technologies.


• Skin-smoothing anti-ageing effects

• Relaxing time out for body and mind

•Improving the elasticity of the connective tissue in the case of cellulite

• Vitalizing body feeling

• Improvement in general well-being through stimulation of endorphins

• Reduction of the stress level

• Improvement of the complexion

+ Many other areas of application


• Use for the relief of rheumatic pain

• Relief from acute & chronic pain• Unterstützende Anwendung gegen Migräneschübe

• Accompanying therapy for depression and burnout syndrome

• Activation and improvement of the immune system

• Vascular training

• Anti-inflammatory effect

• Alleviation of itching and skin diseases

+ Many other areas of application


• Improvement of the natural regenerative processes after sport

• Acceleration of the healing process for sports injuries

• Performance-enhancing effects due to more energy

• Reduction of muscle acidification and relief of muscle soreness

• Activation of the body's cells for weight reduction and as a dietary supplement

+ Many other areas of application

For appointments and questions, you can contact us at any time by phone: 0221 / 57008880 or by e-mail: info@coolzoone.de

IMPORTANT: The tickets are a digital product.